22 November 2007

Holiday Blogging

Light blogging this weekend, I expect. I leave you to debate this conundrum in the coments:

Which would you rather do, muck out gutters that have not been cleaned in seven years, or drain a large perirectal abscess, and why?

Having done both in the last twenty-four hours, I know which I would choose...


  1. While the abscess wouldn't take as long the smell makes me want to choose cleaning out the gutters.

  2. Gutters, because of the iRobot Looj!

  3. I recently hired a guy to de-crud my gutters. Best $100 I ever spent. The guy also repositioned my gutters so they drained correctly and made some minor repairs while he was up there too. All this while I slept. Woohoo.

    Next house I get will be (1) a condo or (2) a townhouse.

    If it were in my scope of practice, I'd choose perirectal abscess draining over de-crudding gutters any day. I don't really have a fear of heights so much, but I have a fear that I'll fall off the extension ladder, break my leg, and no one will help me. Pus is pus whether it's in your butt or your leg or whatever. I can handle pus. If the patient were fecally incontinent or something like that, I'd perhaps consider scurrying up the extension ladder.

  4. The pay is better with pus, but the power washer sure is fun.

  5. the abscess. seriously. Leaf mold smell makes me gag. Eerily enough, pus doesn't. Besides, I love wound care.

    Go fig.

  6. I'll take the leaf-clogged gutters.

    I love heights, and mindless cleaning work is good for writers--I've often wound up putting together entire essays (or at least a poem or two) while picking bits of Lego out of the living room carpet or washing two sinkfuls of "delicate" china after a holiday dinner.

    The abscess draining might seem equally tedious and distasteful to many, but anything I wrote in my head while so doing would, once printed out, forever call up a mental image of someone's nether regions (well, sometimes my writing does that regardless, but anyway).

    Also I'm guessing that perirectal abscess-draining isn't all that mindless an undertaking. The worst that could happen if I really zoned out during leaf removal would be a fall from the ladder.

  7. Yes. Now that your gutters are tidy, if they're the sort that Looj can deal with, consider one at once. Game-changing.

    We have that lame-ass style of northwest vernacular split-entry where the edge of the roof, behind a fascia, serves as a sort of "integrated gutter", which really works to filter out the solids and send the water to the corners, so dedicated humans can de-muck the roof twice a year. It's not amenable to robotic repairs.

    So, yeah, I'd take the abscess.


  8. Thanks for telling me about the Looj---never knew such a thing existed. I am putting it on my Christmas list (I also found this thing too---woohoo).

  9. Gutters, absolutely. The parirectal abscess is likely to be attached to someone who will make the gutters downright attractive.

    Plus, if you're really disgusted by the gutters, you can always take them down and replace them. Can't do that with a rectum (yet).


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