23 July 2007

Thoughts on Nathan

You may recall that I have several times previously blogged about a young child with Neuroblastoma, Nathan.

I'm sad to say that Nathan is losing his battle with this terrible disease and it seems his time is drawing near. His parents, Luke and Susan, are two of my closest friends and they have shared their story with heartbreaking honesty and an astonishing intimacy. Their fortitude through this journey has been incredible, and my heart aches in anguish for them as well as for Nathan.

I wish I was there for you guys, and with you.



  1. Father, be with Luke and Sharon and little Nathan. Let his parents know that the very monment he passes from this life that he will pass into the next and be there with you. Let them know that he has not ceased to exist, only moved on from a world of pain into one of unknown beauty and peace and happiness. God touch them, and all those hurting alongside them. During these horrible times of not understanding "why", give them peace.

  2. I've been exploring this blog and I think we can't ignore what you did, specially with the "anguish" term and it'd be nice if you can add more about it. 2j3j


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