20 July 2007

Things I did not expect to do today

1. Clean human urine off the kitchen counter

Explanation: Second-Born Son was allowed to go sans diaper for potty training purposes. He somehow (with the help of First-Born Son) climbed up onto the counter and well, you can guess the rest.

It's not that we didn't expect a potential mess with this strategy; I just didn't expect it there.


  1. HAHAHA. As someone who is is no stranger to the errant bodily fluids that abound while potty training ensues, I feel your pain. Great site bye the way, I enjoy your posts and now subscribe via rss.

  2. Well for me, this post can be filed under, "Things I did not expect to read today."


  3. I hate children. This only solidifies my correct feelings.

  4. My daughter did the exact same thing... Gross. Thank God for Clorox Clean-Up!

  5. When my little sister was being potty trained, we couldn't let her go without pants on--otherwise she'd make a beeline to the coffee table and poop under it.

    Oh, and in the tub, too. At least that was easier to clean up.arglebargle

  6. That's just plain funny :)

  7. Oy, that's hilarious (albeit annoying)!

    My 17-month-old asked me yesterday to get her the moon, because she wanted to touch it. And was quite grumpy when I did not comply. I guess I should take comfort in her confidence in my lunar wrangling abilities?

  8. Young children are like puppies. Cute, but they pee everywhere :)

    We have three, and sometimes in the post-bath frenzy our 1 year old ends up diaperless for a few minutes, which means there's about a 50% chance he'll pee on the rug.

    Our middle child is being potty trained but (maybe she learned from our 2 dogs, speaking of puppies) seems to prefer going to the bathroom outside....

    Which technically, includes "on the back porch, 6 inches outside our back door." After all, it's not INSIDE, right?

    heh. Gotta love 'em. And without things like this, what could we embarrass them with at their weddings?

  9. There's an old joke about a man in a bar who bets the bartender $50 that he can pee into a shot glass. He misses, of course, and pays up while the bartender laughs at him and cleans up the mess. Only afterwards does the patron tell the bartender that he bet his fellow drinkers $100 that he could piss on the bar and the bartender would clean it up and laugh.

    Just make a bet with your spouse....



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