29 July 2007

At Rest

Nathan Gentry passed away this morning with his parents at his bedside. He was seven years old, a beautiful child, and very brave. He suffered greatly in his struggle with neuroblastoma, and I hope he is at peace. He is sorely missed, and I grieve for him, and for his parents and little sisters.

It's so very wrong.


  1. What a horrible thing to happen to such a nice family, not that it should happen to any family of course, but I can't get over how sweet he was and how lovingly he was described in the journal entries.

  2. Thank you for introducing us to your brave friends. I have been praying for them since finding their story here. I share all of your heartbreak.

  3. It's so very wrong.

    Yes, indeed. That baby went through too much. My son is the same age :-(

  4. What a terrible loss. I have kept up with Nathan for a long while now. He went through so much and yes, it is so wrong.


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