26 June 2007

Note to Nursing Home Staff

When your resident falls out of bed and breaks their hip, it is OK for you to pick them up and put them back in bed while you wait for an ambulance to arrive.

It is not, however, such a great idea to feed them a full meal while you are waiting for an ambulance.

The consequences of this are a seriously-pissed orthopedic surgeon and your resident's surgery being delayed by a day.

Thank you,

The ER Doctor


  1. How about my patient yesterday:

    SNF patient is found with ALOC and hypoglycemic so excited LVN adminsters 50 units of insulin to "counteract it"

  2. I have learned that when people use the phrase "knows just enough to be dangerous," they are talking about NH staff.

  3. Febrifuge,
    Ha ha. Unfortunately, the same thing has been said about me.


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