20 May 2007

The Triumph of the IPA

There is, I believe, universal agreement that the IPA is the king of beers, Anheuser-Busch's claims to the contrary notwithstanding. As I am a proud and unabashed hophead, I love and crave a good IPA. Tonight, my Beloved Wife sent me out to the grocery store for some diapers, as we were in dire need, and I thought I might avail myself of the opportunity to get a nice brew while at the local Food Emporium. I arrived at the beer aisle: lo and behold, what sight met me? Eight different IPAs to choose from! By state, there was:

Alaskan IPA (AK)
Sierra Nevada IPA (CA)
Full Sail IPA (OR)
BridgePort IPA (OR)
Deschutes Quail Springs IPA (OR)
Widmer Broken Halo IPA (OR)
Red Hook Longhammer IPA (WA)
Scuttlebutt Gale Force IPA (WA)

Glory and Hallelujah! But then the "Paralysis of too many options" set in. They are all great beers. My eye wandered down to the import section, and I ultimately settled on an English beer, St Peter's Old-Style Porter. (Not least because it came in an unusual bottle reminiscent of an old medicine bottle.) Described aptly as thus: "Dark brown colour with ruby notes, huge frothy off-white head. Malty, slightly metallic nose with notes of dark fruit. Malty, rather dry taste, roasted with coffee, dark bitter chocolate and a dry bitterness in the finish (and again, chocolate). Chocolate and hops, how could I resist?"

A good choice. I am pleased.


  1. Porters and IPAs: really these are great choices -- I applaud you.


  2. I'm not huge on the hops my own self, but if you like hops, then you must try Surly Brewing's Furious Ale. Furious is to hoppy beers as Led Zeppelin is to rock music. Surly is a Minneapolis-area microbrewer, and worth the trouble of looking up.

  3. I find myself shying away from lots of hop bitterness, but a favorite summer beer is Drop Top Amber Ale. Lots of hop flavor.

  4. Whenever I drink a hoppy beer I think about drinking little kings with Matt in the apartment. (I'm sure Pat was there too.)

  5. I wonder if Hopi beer is hoppy.


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