01 March 2007

In which I learn the value of side airbags

And steel-reinforced side doors.
And, especially, BMW's Head Protection System:Which is essentially an inflatable tube that pops out of the ceiling in the event of a side impact.Without which my head would certainly have struck the B-Pillar, as I was hit on the side, from behind, at an angle of about 45 degrees.

The details are mundane and unimportant -- a freak snowstorm and a steep hill combined to put my vehicle in the path of oncoming traffic. The engineering of the car's safety systems managed to take what could have been a Very Bad Thing and make it simply Very Annoying. I'm fine: a bit sore but otherwise completely unhurt.

Man, those airbags come at you fast.


  1. As a survivor of something like a dozen car crashes, I concur with your praise for safety engineering. (Thank God for Personal Injury attorneys.)

    Seriously, it's pretty amazing. I'm glad your okay.

  2. Glad you're okay, Shadowfax. Sounds like that could have been bad news.

    Were you involved in that horrendous bazillion-car crash that closed certain roads?


    PS. What are we doing getting snow in March? Mother Nature is CONFUSED.

  3. Even though time slows down while you slide into danger, get hit, and slide away, the airbags are there in an instant.

  4. I am thankful that you are ok. Sore is far better than the alternatives!

  5. Glad you're OK.

    Dadgum global warming is taking too long!

  6. Shadowfax - Happy to hear that the only thing damaged was the car. Side airbags are a good thing.

  7. Airbags aren't options for me, they're mandatory. Good thing you had them.

    So, what car is next for you?


  8. Sincerely glad you are alright. Wish all cars had side airbags!

    great site - i hope it is alright that I blogroll you. :)

  9. Hey, be my guest. Thanks for visiting. I was getting pretty sore, so I went to Karate tonight and worked out really hard. Worked through a lot of the kinks that way. Still sore now, but more of a good sore.



  10. So glad you're ok!

    THe airbags ARE fast - they stink too don't they!?!

  11. Holy cow! I'm glad you're OK.
    Stay well.



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