03 February 2007


My neighbor's kid constructed this ramp:
I am not sure what use he intends to put it to. He skates and rides a dirt bike on the streets around here, though not with any great skill, it must be said. But I kind of admire his chutzpah -- by my eye, that thing takes off at about a 45-degree angle. Unfortunately, I've got to go to work soon, so I won't be around to witness the excitement.

That's okay; I can ask him about it when he gets to the ER later.


  1. Reminds me of my now-forty-year-old son taking his Honda 70 up a ramp the neighbor kids were using for their bicycles. He broke his leg an inch or so below the knee, was in traction for a month, in a wheel chair for a month... and was finally walking (with a limp) for the first day of school. He was 9 years old at the time.

  2. I hope he has a helmet.


  3. Great place for the ramp , behind the SUV. A Darwin Award in the making.....

  4. I showed that to my husband, the daredevil, the one with a wheelchair and TWO broken legs in his past. He said it looked "stupid" and hopes the poor child at least ends up with an accurate weather barometer out of the inevitable break.

  5. So did anything happen?


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