04 October 2006

The Republican Assault on Charge Nurses

So here's an increasingly rare comment on an actual health care related topic.

The NLRB, heavily dominated by Bush Appointees, voted along party lines yesterday to reclassify millions of US employees as "supervisors" who are by that definition, ineligible to join unions, organize, or engage in collective bargaining. This case revolved around a Michigan hospital's attempt to break their nurses union, and the result is that somewhere around 800,000 nurses (and about 7 million workers in other industries) are stripped of the protections offered by a union without truly being members of management.

It's no suprise, coming from the most virulently anti-union, anti-worker administration in living memory. These are the same folks who opportunistically used the passage of the Department of Homeland Security bill to engage in a little union busting.

35 days till daylight.

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