16 October 2006

Distorted Beauty

Dove (yes, the soap/cosmetics company) has an amazing video here, at their "Campaign for real beauty." It's worth thirty seconds of your time. I might add that it's a really nice thing for a cosmetics company to focus on. Good for them.


  1. That's pretty stunning. It reminds me of a photo shoot that Jamie Lee Curtis did for a woman's magazine. They wanted a story about her, and she told them she'd do it if they'd show a photo of her in a sports bra and under pants and without any modifications. They did it, and then on the next page showed what they'd have done if she'd not asked for special considerations. The difference was amazing.

    Of course she's a beauty either way. but the demonstration had the effect of this video.

  2. The photoshopping is crazy. Pulling her head up? Wow.

    What would happen if women stopped wearing makeup?


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