04 February 2006


We're having an amazing wind storm here right now. We get these a handful of times each winter, but this one is pretty remarkable. The wind speeds are sustained in the 40s with gusts to the 60s. (The coastal area has hurricane-force winds, sustained in the 60s with gusts to 75.) Our house is situated on a bluff overlooking the Sound, so we get the full force of the wind off the water, and the whole structure shudders and groans with each gust. I look out the window and see all the whitecaps on the water and these enormous trees flexing back and forth.

I kind of like it. It's one of those awesome reminders of Nature's incredible power. Liza hates it, largely because it makes it really hard to sleep, which is true.

Now we're just hoping that we don't lose power for the big game tomorrow.

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