04 February 2006

It's time for a special prosecutor

MoveOn.org is rainsing funds for an ad campaign calling for a special prosecutor to investigate Bush's domestic spying program. Watch the ad (best morph ever) and donate here.


  1. So who appoints a special prosecutor? Is it the attorney general? If so, given that the current AG is the one defending the president, I don't see any special prosecutors in the near future.

  2. Yeah, Gonzalez is Bush's man through and through. They did shame Reno into appointing a SP (or IP at the time, though that statute is expired) for Clinton on Whitewater, but that was with the relentless drumbeat of "there must be a scandal here somewhere from the So-Called Liberal Media, and Reno (and the democrats in general) differen from the republicans in that they actually possess higher emotions like integrtity, shame, and a sense of duty. With these republicans it's all about power and keeping it, and given that, and the relative apathy/gullibility of the SCLM, I don't expect to see a SP at all. But this is really all about positioning for the elections -- we need to get a drumbeat of scnadal and corruption loud enough to be heard, so we have a fighting chance to take back at least one chamber of Congress and investigate these bastards ourselves.


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