15 February 2006

32, 33, 34, 35

Oh vanity, what a burden it can be.

I went to the men's clothing store to get some big-boy clothes, as I am getting more of an administrative role at work, and it turns out that I may have to wear a shirt and tie more often, and a careful review of my closet revealed several articles of clothing which dated back to the Reagan administration.


So I found an Unctious Saleperson who measured me and pulled tasteful clothes for me to wear from wherever they hide them, and the first thing I noticed was that she had pulled pants in the 35-36 inch waistline size. I told her that it was a mistake and that I usually take a 33-34. She smiled unctiously and offered me a 34 with the 35 and suggested that I try both. Well dammit if the 35 didn't fit a lot better. So I assumed that this particular store just cuts their clothes a bit small. I came home and went through the closet, generating five sacks of recycled clothes for goodwill. And I checked to see what fit before chucking anything.

None of the 33s fit, and the all 34s were uncomfortably snug.

Okay, so maybe it wasn't the store. I weighed myself for the first time in I don't know how long and I am up about 8 pounds from my baseline weight, which is not a lot but my weight has been rock-stable for about 8 years so it is a significant deviation. Damn. It is finally happening. I have hit the mid-thirties and my metabolism is finally slowing down. You know what that means. No more eating whatever the hell I want without caring what the fat content is, knowing that I couldn't gain weight no matter what I ate. I'm officially entering middle age (or at least knocking on the door). This sucks.

Well, I am not going down without a fight. I've been less active lately, mostly due to work, and I am committing to getting back to my fighting weight within a couple of months. More exercise is the key to my plan, though I will try to eat a little more sensibly. Starting tomorrow. Right now I am getting a bowl of Ice Cream and going to bed.


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh......at last.........an opportunity to bond with your mother-in-law!!!

  2. Last night I weighed myself at four pounds higher than my college weight. I can't seem to drop weight, but I also don't seem to gain much either. All in all, I'd look better if I were lighter, and I could certainly be healthier if I were 20 pounds lighter, but it's not that bad a place to be.

  3. Shouldn't you be parenting or making money so your wife can do so, rather than poncing around the internet pretending that your wasteline is interesting?


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