05 October 2011

RIP Steve


  1. He is such a visionary. RIP.

  2. Steve Jobs seemed like a nice guy and his contributions to the world of computers cannot be discounted but this make me chuckle:


  3. He changed the world. Few in history have had the impact he (and Woz) did on the whole world.

  4. It remains a mystery to me that so many of the good guys seem to leave us while they're young, yet so many of the bad guys stick around through heart attack after heart attack after pacemaker installation.

    I suppose I should be philosophical and take comfort in the fact that Steve did more in his fifty-something years than most human beings could even dream of doing in a hundred. But I am sad anyway, and like all who admire creativity, originality, and general human geius, I feel robbed.

    RIP and thank you, Steve Jobs.

  5. Indeed. Our Fruit Family is still in mourning.


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