25 February 2011

Two Weeks to St Baldricks!

Two weeks from today I'll need to be wearing a hat (which is a sobering thought, since it's 22 degrees fahrenheit here today) because I'll have gone totally bald to raise money for kids with cancer. 
If you haven't taken a moment to sponsor my scalp, please do so: whatever you can afford. Baldrick's is a great cause, and the need for funding to support the research towards more effective treatments for pediatric cancers is a real one. Even gifts of $25 or $50 are appreciated. I'm over $10,000 raised so far -- tantalizingly close to my goal of $15,000 -- so if you can get me just a little closer to the finish line, I'll be very grateful.
You can donate on line at my personal St Baldricks page -- just click! Or if you prefer you can call toll-free 888-899-2253.
Thanks for considering!


08armydoc said...

I wish I could be there, but am on call that night at MAMC.... Wish I could support in person! I'd love to take the first buzz

sewa mobil said...

Nice article, thanks for the information.

Gene said...

Just made my donation.

ERP said...

Just made my donation - saw you are over your goal of 15K! Excellent.

healthy living said...

Can't make a donation right now doc because I am broke. But I really bow down to your efforts. Will let my colleagues know about this though.

Anonymous said...

I can't donate any money but I think I'm going to donate my hair to one of the charities for kids with cancer. I was thinking of getting it cut, then I stumbled on your post and started researching hair donation.
I have about a foot and a half of hair right now. If I don't want it someone else can have it and enjoy it. My hair fits all the requirements for donation.
I might need someone to hold my hand through it, though. :S