27 January 2010


(Pulling out wallet) So, when I can I have this?  Sixty days?  Sheesh. It's gonna be a long two months.


  1. Finally, Shadowfax and I can agree on something!

  2. I want!!

    I'll have to double the price or arm wrestle my husband if we only get one....

  3. Tick tock tick tock....the countdown begins.

  4. Meanwhile, you can join the rest of the world in mocking the name!

  5. Oooooh....

    I want one too. It's just about the most perfect, perfect inanimate object ever made. If it vibrated and could make decent marinara, I wouldn't even need to be married.

    I may have to--gasp--be one of the ones waiting in line for this baby. And I *never* wait in line.

  6. Apple's iPad has already canned at least one of its competitors - JooJoo* (which is also marketed at $500 with far fewer accessories) - at least in my book. iPad is also the first tablet to feature 3G connectivity and iWork. iPad will survive - if not thrive - on Apple's ecosystem in addition to the App Store/SDK. None of the tablet on the market features a webcam (and arguably makes little UI sense having one) so not sure what's all the fuss is all about. Lacking physical keyboard will always remain an issue of those of us growing out using physical keyboard; probably less so for the iPhone/multitouch generation to come. There are still quite a few valid questions ** unanswered, though.

    Anyway, it's an exciting product entering the market and i too would like to get one when it makes sense to me. It's a product clearly steering away from the traditional sense of personal computing.

    * https://thejoojoo.com/sites/specification

    ** http://www.pcworld.com/article/187963/apple_ipad_what_we_still_dont_know.html

  7. I'm not as overwhelmed as I hoped to be. I've had my Kindle for over a year and I LOVE it! I lost my iPod and needed to replace it; because you can download the Kindle app to iTouch, I bought an iTouch. So now I have a little, teeny pocket device I can use to play music, whip out and play games on when I'm waiting in line, or read books on if I'm stuck without my Kindle. And of course I wish I could combine the two, but I'm not sure the iPad does that. Kindle's 3G connection is standard, not optional, and there's no monthly cost; to surf on iPad other than in a wi-fi hotspot will cost major money. Kindle's E-Ink screen is easy to read for long periods of time; the backlit iPad won't be as comfortable for a long flight somewhere, an afternoon at the beach, or one of those evenings when you pick up a good book and just can't put it down. Kindle's battery is good for three or four days between charges, and more like two weeks if you turn off wireless; iPad is only supposed to be about 10 hours. I have to admit, I haven't had my iTouch long and haven't done a lot of surfing, and Kindle's web browser is slow and clunky; it's possible that when you're in wi-fi coverage, iPad will give you a better browsing experience. I also don't think Kindle gives you a good newspaper or magazine experience; it's possible iPad will be better. But at the moment I'm thinking I've spent roughly the same money on two devices and come out better, having a dedicated reader and a small, handy media and game device.


  8. Recent reviews point out a few potential shortcomings of iPad:

    * No multitasking (would gladly trade App store & SDK for that)

    * No Adobe Flash, yet (have sort of got used to that using my iPhone anyway)

    * No camera or iChat capabilities (front or back facing camera are equally awkward to use, imo)

    * No HDMI port (iPad is meant to be a tablet, not a screen)

    * 4:3 aspect ratio (i like the current ratio optimized for web browsing > for video viewing)

    * Still dependent on AT&T's 3G service (at least it's unlocked and prepaid)

    * Dependence on adapters (keeping the gadget simple - the hallmark of Apple products!)

    The word "underwhelming" has been used a lot in several reviews. A lot of people just had a lot of unrealistic expectations before the Apple release. What do they expect? An iPad-robot transformer? Geez. Obviously i too fall into the "definitely will buy"/"just a matter of time" category.


  9. What the hell is up with the fact that it can't run flash media!?!?!?!

  10. For multitouch-optimized iWork and App Store/SDK alone, i would buy the Apple iPad already. Can't wait!



  11. iPad is a [concept] fusion between an iPod Touch and a mainstream netbook. Calling it an "iPT XL" or even a "net-tablet" wouldn't be offensive or off the mark.

  12. @ ERP "Why No Adobe Flash?"

    1.) Flash taxes on device's [every-bit-counts] performance

    2.) Flash posts a potential security risk [somehow; am no expert in the field]

    3.) Flash drains battery life

    ...according to Apple, of course.


  13. Phooey. I bet it because they can't negotiate a deal with Adobe. It is always about the money.

  14. Bet that you didn't bother to read the article before jumping to conclusion. HTML5, dude.

    "It is always about the money."

    Phoony. That's the simplest answer to all problems. Wonder why many rich countries (eg Japan), companies (eg MSFT) and individuals (movie/sport stars, you name it) still end up in fucked up slumps.

  15. Wow, OmniGraphSketcher (OmniGS) & OmniGraffle for iPad. Who cares if it can't play Flash? i'm game!



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