22 January 2010

It's funny because it's true

Well, it's sort of true.  I can't see the Dems ever actually getting it together enough to overcome the opposition.  C'mon, they're DEMOCRATS, after all.  As the geniuses at Despair.com put it:

If they can't manage to govern with large majorities in both houses and the White House, they don't deserve to have those majorities.  As Ezra put it:
It's worth taking a step back from health-care reform for a second. What Democrats are doing isn't just abandoning a particular policy issue. They're proving themselves unable to govern.
Democrats spent most of 2009 with 60 votes in the Senate and about 256 in the House. They had a popular new president who was following a disastrous Republican administration and a financial crisis. The opposition party was polling somewhere between foot fungus and spoiled meat. You don't get opportunities like this very often. [...]

If Democrats abandon health-care reform in the aftermath of Brown's victory, the lesson will be that they can't govern. No majority within the realm of reason will give them the votes to move their agenda swiftly and confidently. Even the prospect of the most significant legislative achievement in 40 years, an achievement that will save hundreds of thousands of lives, will not keep them from collapsing into chaos when they face adversity.

At that point, what's the pitch for voting for Democrats? That they agree with you? A plumber and I both agree that my toilet should work. But if he can't make it work, I'm not going to pay him any money or invite him into my home. Governance isn't just about ideology. It's also about competence and will. That's where Democrats are flagging.

Sadly true.  And maddeningly frustrating.


  1. Interesting post...it will be very intriguing to see where all of this heads now with Brown in D.C.

  2. I bet something half-assed gets passed. Not enough to really make a difference but perhaps a feeble start.
    BTW, if I hear one more use of the term "Tea Party" I am going to puke. How, bout we change it to the "We are in it for ourselves party"?

  3. Hey, just saw this article in slate, I thought #1 was pretty hilarious, and maybe the best option for passing the health care reform bill.



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