04 January 2010

I'm Back

calvin new year

Well, Christmas is put away and the kids are back at school.  The family has gone back East, and I'm back at work.  Life resumes its normal routines, and as such, more-or-less regular blogging will resume shortly. 

It's a little amazing, looking back at my archives, how much I have put out there over the years.  I am entering my sixth calendar year of blogging (though only my fifth year of real time; I started in December 2005).  I have published over 1300 posts in that time frame, almost one post per day.  I think it might be fun to start mining the archives a little bit.  So my plan is to introduce a regular feature, "Flashback Fridays" in which I will dust off a moldy old post from the distant past and re-publish it.  Lemme see ... 52 weeks in the year ... 1300 posts to choose from ... hopefully I'll be able to find 52 old posts that I'm proud of.  Maybe.

As for this week: I've been fortunate enough to accumulate a few interesting radiographic images (and one *very* disturbing one) over the break, so it'll be "radiological oddity week" starting shortly.

Hope you all had as nice a holiday as I did, and Happy New Year to you all.


  1. Happy Blogaversery! Glad to have you back. Happy New Year!

  2. Keep up the good work. I read your blog throughout residency. Now practicing just a short ferry-ride away.


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