04 December 2009

My day thus far

Twenty-eight degrees and severe clear. The Cascade and Olympic mountains are startlingly beautiful in the clear morning sunlight. The USS Shoup is visible at anchor down the hill in the harbor. The ER is totally empty and I just bought donuts for the staff. (It's an apocryphal but long-standing tradition that the doctor has to buy donuts when the ER is totally empty.) Not a profitable shift for me but still a nice way to begin the day.


  1. AT our L & D, the anesthesiologist has to buy breakfast in the morning if the night shift allows him 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I think I got my last free bagel in 2007.

  2. What's going on? I work about an hour south of you and spent a good part of my shift last night trying to make money by checking behind the vending machine for spare change. Where have all the patients gone?

  3. Dunno. It's like a spigot was turned off. I even complained loudly that it was "too quiet" to no avail.

    At 1 pm there were three providers in the department and six patients, so I went home 2 hours early.



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