16 November 2009

Lessons from the H1N1 Pandemic

Daily Kos: DemFromCT
There'll be more lessons to learn, but every institution need to be planning for the next pandemic. Maybe it'll be needed in the spring when a third wave hits, and maybe it won't be needed for a few years to come. But pandemics happen. And when they do, they mean shortages (staff, space and stuff.) Internalize that, be prepared, and expect to be flexible in your response.

DemFromCT is one of the editors over at the Great Orange Satan, and is thereby an evil godless leftist, but he also happens to be an academic pediatric pulmonologist.   He lists seven important lessons from the H1N1 Pandemic (so far) and how they might be applied to the next coming pandemic (H5N1 anybody?).  Worth a read.

Also, a pretty graph:


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  1. The H1N1 was only a alarm from the pharmaceutics to sell their products,sad but true: health is only a business in this capitalist world.


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