19 November 2009

Awful and horrible and disgusting

Whatever you do, do NOT go read this post at Life in the Fast Lane.  Especially if you are prone to nightmares.  It's a post ostensibly singing the praises of bacon, a good and noble purpose which we all can respect.  But in reality it contains images so profoundly repellent that you may well claw your own eyes out in sympathetic horror.

The only thing I found surprising is that the nasty little creatures described do not hail from Australia.  I thought Oz had the market cornered on stinging, dangerous vermin.  I guess since these bugs aren't actually bearing lethal poison they're not up to Australia's standards: too tame.

So instead of scarring yourself for life by reading that terrible post, go over to Archie McPhee's and buy yourself some authentic Uncle Oinker's Gummy Bacon instead.  You know you want some.


  1. Better out than in.

  2. AIEEE.
    Years ago my office sorta adopted some tiny feral kittens. They all had bot-fly larvae in their necks, or something similar. One looked at first almost like her head was cut off. The vet showed us the larvae they'd removed. Nasty things.

    We were told it was also called lumpy squirrel disease.

  3. Oh the horror...why did you tempt me?

  4. There is worse to come! Following the inanimate object insertion post and the bacon post we will move onto our more infamous Aussie critters and their powerfully tiny claws...

  5. Ahh Bacon, is there anything you can't do?


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  7. Ugh. Just...ugh. Heebie jeebies to the max. Every time I get a zit from now on I'm going to be convinced it is a Botfly.

    Incidentally, I had a patient recently who thought they might have a Botfly in their forehead...it was cut open and nothing was in there, thank God. I can only imagine the nightmares if one had actually come out.

  8. Lol

    Did you check out the other post on his site? I guess it really would burn after urination . . .

  9. I had some friends whose baby got them after they left the baby carriage out in the rain. Ironing with religious zeal, especially seams, is how you prevent infection. I ironed my bras in Malawi.

    (Who you calling flat chested? O yeah.)


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