15 October 2009

Um, is there something I should know?

I walked out the back of the ER tonight to see this in the ambulance bay:
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And this inside:
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OK, it looked pretty cool.  Surprisingly big inside, too.  But what the hell was it doing there?  Sure, we're seeing a lot of pandemic influenza just now, but the ER is handling it well, at least as well as we usually do, bulging at the seams as we are.  Maybe the hospital or EMS are just running some drills.  But it makes me worry that someone out there has inside information that things are about to get a lot worse...


RugbyGirlMD said...

We do that drill once or twice per year, down here in the swamps.
It's extra fun when you set up the shower tents and get to make a field day out of it.

Helen said...

Maybe your hospital is participating in the earthquake drill?

Rogue Medic said...

More than likely, it is just practice. They want to be able to deal with anything that might happen.

It isn't as if these drills go smoothly, but then I am accustomed to seeing these drills in the Keystone Kops state.

Anonymous said...

i don't understand. i practice in long island, just beyond the border of queens and during the initial media scare we got hit hard with all kind of nonsense visits. with all the school closures in queens and brooklyn, i was sure nyc was the capital of mishandling public health threats and unneeded hysteria. yet we really haven't seen much in the way of "flu" visits now that it's actually flu season, much less have a need to make a tent to contain them. wonder why?

Mary Sue said...

P A N I C!

That's why.

Maha said...

Get ready for aporkalypse now!