23 October 2009


Per Sully:

A recent Pew Poll showed the following:
57 % of Americans believe in man-made global warming
79 % know that the earth goes around the sun
80 % believe that prayer accelerates healing
75 % believe in Angels
39 % believe in evolution
Hoo-boy.  We're screwed.


  1. 90 percent thought the survey questions were so stupid they thought they would give the wrong answers and freak out the other 10 percent.

  2. and 20% didn't know the big words so they just answered NO.

  3. Although those numbers initially give me pause, upon reflection things aren't so bad.

    E.g., note that significantly more people believe in evolution than don't believe in it, then the rest don't have an opinion on it. That may sound worrisome, but keep in mind that, for the moment, significant tax money still goes to all sorts of biological research and that, even in anti-evolution school districts, the question is usually the amount of disclaimer given before evolution classes, rather than "should we have a class on angels?"

  4. 20 percent of people don't need to know the earth goes around the sun. They just need to know to bag the frozen food together, put the bread on top, and vote for the democrat.

  5. Let me guess, most of those polled who don't believe in evolution but do believe in angels voted Republican because God told them to.

  6. The fact that there are physicians who take the WHO rankings seriously
    is even more frightening.

    Who boy indeed.

  7. Required Reading for Retards:



  8. I am HORRIFIED that 57% of those surveyed still believe in an obselete and unprovable tenant of faith........."global warming".


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