05 May 2009

Working Americans Losing Insurance


From the Center for American Progress:
Employers have shed 5.1 million jobs in the last 15 months. Three industries alone—manufacturing, construction, and professional and business services—account for nearly three-quarters of total jobs lost. Manufacturing has shed 1.5 million jobs—1.1 million in durable goods, 367,000 in nondurable goods manufacturing—construction has eliminated 1.1 million jobs; and professional and business services have cut 1.2 million positions.

We estimate that 2.4 million workers have lost the health coverage their jobs provided since the start of the recession, based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Approximately, 1.3 million of these losses have occurred in the last four months. More than 320,000 Americans lost their employer-provided health insurance in March alone, which amounts to approximately 10,680 workers a day.
Just to be clear -- these numbers do not include the displaced workers who went on to find new jobs or new coverage; these are the people newly and currently uninsured.


Never waste a good crisis, they say.  Universal health insurance was a good idea two years ago.  It's becoming a better idea every single day.


  1. I saw an uninsured patient on saturday who has let a cat bit fester for a week because she had lost her health insurance. Of course, now the intervention will run into the tens of thousands and she might possibly lose her hand. Not to mention the difficulty of getting her appropriate treatment without insurance. It is a crime.

  2. Recessions do not only bring about tough times financially. Sadly, they set men against men and raise moral issues that most of us would rather not have to consider.

  3. Never waste a good crisis, they say. Universal health insurance was a good idea two years ago. It's becoming a better idea every single day.Wow. Scary quote there, Shadowfax. I hope you're kidding?

    Never waste a good economic downswing to make the country more socialist until we lose all freedom and those who still have jobs lose them due to increasing burden on business et al. to pay for others...

    Communism and fascism started in hard economic times. Why not us too, right?

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  7. That's so sad to hear. People find jobs to earn money and if they lose benefits like health insurance this will be a major problem for them. Their only option is to find an insurance provider that they can trust. I recently found Foster Insurance and they offer auto insurance, life insurance and home insurance in Gardner MA. I would highly recommend them to anyone!


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