11 May 2009


Mythbusters... do I really need to say more?  They have gotten tired of simply blowing things up (which is itself hard to believe, but apparently it can happen) and they are now moving into the field of rocketry.

They recently tested a myth regarding whether two trucks colliding head-on could fuse the metal together.  But trucks are so mundane, and only travel 60, 70 miles an hour.  Bah.  How about if we took a subcompact car and slammed a rocket-propelled sled into it at SIX HUNDRED miles an hour?  Now you're talking!  Does this satisfy any scientific inquiry?  Of course not.  But oh damn oh damn oh damn is this cool:

and in super-slo-mo:

The moment of truth:
MythBusters : Interactive Video : Discovery Channel

Holy fargleschnidt!  The car is literally vaporized!  Don't miss the frame-by-frame on the Discovery Web Site, too.

Good lord, please don't ever let these guys get their hands on any fissile materials. 


  1. and if they do get their mitts on fissile materials, please cue "It's the end of the world as we know it"

    awesome clips. thanks!

  2. I can't believe they used a 2-stage booster rocket. I mean, one would expect that just one would suffice, but noooo :)

  3. We'll have to start worrying if they are not scheduled to have their contract renewed. Or if they are upset with the food selection in the cafeteria. Either one.


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