19 May 2009

Kennedy in remission

TheHill.com - Kennedy's cancer in remission
Sen. Edward Kennedy’s brain cancer is in remission and he is expected back in the Senate after the Memorial Day recess to spearhead healthcare reform, according to Democratic colleagues.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Tuesday that he spoke with Kennedy’s wife, Vicki, in the past few days and was told the 77-year-old lawmaker is “doing fine.”

Reid said Kennedy’s cancer is in remission and added that while the lawmaker is going through another regiment of treatment, the procedure “is not unusual.”

Kennedy, the chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee, has been mostly absent from the chamber for the past year, recovering in Florida and Massachusetts.

He is expected to lead a markup of highly anticipated health reform legislation in his first month back - one of the biggest bills of the year and a signature domestic initiative for President Obama.
Well, this is great news.  It's not cured -- if he has a malignant glioma there's not going to be a cure.   But that he is well enough to be back at work is awesome for him personally, and that he will be back in time to help shepherd his signature issue through mark-up and hopefully passage is great for advocates for reform.  It's been a year to the day since his diagnosis -- the one-year survival is only about 50%.   The two-year survival is only about 8%.  That's a bad disease.  So I for one am grateful that he's well enough to be back at work for one last push.  Talk about leaving it all on the field.


  1. That is remarkable dedication to his country and his principles. I must admit, I'd probably be on a beach somewhere having a drink and a backrub.

  2. Quick someone, get Joe Biden on the case to get the facts right.

  3. I see Kennedy as selfish, not heroic. He clings to the job title to maintain his identity, despite the fact that he no longer attends in the senate. He's serving no one. "Remission" is not consistent with need for ongoing treatment.

    My son's second grade teacher opted to return to the classroom after her brain tumor diagnosis. Cliff notes: it was a lost year for all involved.


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