21 May 2009

The Best Thing I've read today.

The ER Doc Pain Scale « Ten out of Ten
3.38: Pelvic Exams
-If I had known how many of these I’d be stuck doing, I probably would have gone into anesthesia

3.40: Speculum light lost/doesn’t work
-Nurse get the crazy-looking bendy-armed light out and look into how long an anesthesia residency is

Most under-rated:
1.79: Patient brought back from xray, never hooked back up to the monitor
-Meh, it’s just a bunch of squiggly lines and numbers

Trust me, I know from personal experience this is more than a 1.79/10.


  1. I got into neurology to specifically avoid:

    1. Pelvic exams.

    2. Screaming children whose ears I had to look into.

    Thus far, I think I've nailed it.

  2. heheh a bunch of squigly lines and numbers - sadly that's what it looks like on the 3rd night at 0400!


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