03 April 2009


The young fellow on the gurney described to me in some detail how hard he had been trying to self-detox.  He had been on oxycontin and drinking heavily for over a year, and he knew it was killing him.  So he holed up in his flat, a la Trainspotting, to get clean.  He was very proud that it had been a week since he had used either substance, but the withdrawals had been hard, very hard.  It had been several days since he had slept, which distressed him greatly.   "I even went and smoked a whole bunch of meth last night to see if that would help me sleep," he explained, as if to show his earnest good faith efforts towards getting clean.

I was going to ask him whether the meth had helped him sleep after all, but as I surveyed the sturdy leather straps pinioning his writing body to the gurney, I decided not to.  The answer was pretty evident.


  1. Well, after he has the MI from the meth, he'll get some sleep.

  2. Actually I meant the cardiac arrest. I have not yet had enough coffee. I have seen this scenario--lots of meth followed by full arrest with anoxic brain injury--the Big Sleep.

  3. Maybe that is the reason for my insomnia - not enough meth. What is the recommended dose to treat insomnia?

    Then there is the whole problem of the wrist restraints interfering with my ability to get comfortable.


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