05 April 2009

The Trilogy

By popular request -- Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah:

So there you have it -- covers by KD Lang, Rufus Wainwright (covering John Cale), and now Jeff Buckley. (Interesting that nobody seemed to favor the original Leonard Cohen version.)

Luke also pointed out to me an interesting exposition on the "Curious Cultural Journey of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah."   Well worth the read.

Also, this may be the oddest reworking of the song I have some across.


  1. The problem with Cohen's original (and with much of Various Positions) is that while lyrically and vocally intriguing, the arrangement is, how shall I put this, lousy. All the human instrumentation that makes Recent Songs so beautiful is abandoned in favour of what sound like tinny casiotones. The version on Cohen Live (from the I'm Your Man tour, I think) is much more human and humane.

  2. Nice but pales in comparison to the first two. The K.D. Lang one made me cry and I am not the sensitive type. Thanks so for sharing these versions of this gorgeous song.

  3. This version is by far the best! I do love me some Jeff Buckley.

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  5. Healthcare Observer4/07/2009 8:03 AM

    Funnily, the BBC just aired a radio programme on the use of Hallelujah - for some reason though (probably rights) it's not available as a play again programme.


    'Composer Jocelyn Pook celebrates the music and meaning of the word Hallelujah through history and creates a new composition inspired by the word. This exuberant exclamation of joy and gratitude has survived the passage of centuries, transcending the barriers of language, religion and culture, and has inspired composers and songwriters from the Psalms through Monteverdi, Handel, Vivaldi, Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen.

    'Featuring contributions from composer Julian Anderson and singer-songwriter kd lang.'

  6. Best version is by far Rufus Wainwright.


    Jeff Buckley's version is dull.
    Had fun listening to all the versions however, thanks


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