16 April 2009

A thermal lance made out of bacon

Bacon: the Other White Heat | Popular Science

I recently committed myself to the goal, before the weekend was out, of creating a device entirely from bacon and using it to cut a steel pan in half. My initial attempts were failures, but I knew success was within reach when I was able to ignite and melt the pan using seven beef sticks and a cucumber.
The trick is to use pure oxygen!

What a wonderful, wonderful world we live in.


  1. that's amazing! how do you do it? is it just burning the bacon fat?

  2. Oxygen is some powerful stuff.

    Maybe I am a bit of a cynic, but I suspect that somewhere there was some sort of alcohol involved in this.

  3. "Everyone loves bacon, even vegetarians!" Ted Allen

  4. Makes sense, fuel is fuel. Myth Busters made a rocket motor that
    sort of worked out of a tube of salami cored out.

  5. wow bacon is truly a wonderful substance


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