07 April 2009

Something you should read

Buckeye Surgeon
-How'd you fall, I asked.
-Tripped over a rug or the carpet, he said. My cane snagged on something. I was visiting my wife.
-Where was your wife?
-The nursing home. I visit her as much as I can. It's not far.

His wife was 95 years old. Last year he had had to admit her to an assisted care facility because she "had got the dementia".
Gotta recognize talented, humanistic writing when it pops up from time to time.  And this is well worth the read.   Ironically, I think Buckeye inverted his thesis -- the presumption is that rationing is coming and is necessary and inexorable.   But a better example of how the personal side of medicine will obstruct any efforts to ration care, I cannot imagine. 

Seriously, go read the whole thing.

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