16 April 2009

Odd Tooth Fairy Tradition

Vijay said the same thing in the comments the other day.   I assumed he was just screwing with me.  Not that I'm using the "Baby Blues" comic as an authoritative reference or anything, but now I'm starting to wonder if he was on the up and up.

Unless maybe he read the comic first and was using it as a basis for screwing with me...


  1. I am grateful that I did all of my child rearing outside of Nepal.

  2. We lived in Mongolia when my daughter lost her first teeth. Tradition there is to feed the teeth to a dog. My husband obligingly did as he was told. My daughter was not happy about that.

  3. I assure you I wasn't *screwing with you* Shadowfax! A radiologist wouldn't dare to screw with an ER doc.
    Other Indians will concur with my story.


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