03 April 2009

The Jenny McCarthy Body Count

Maybe this is unfair.  But I don't think so.   Jenny McCarthy has made herself the face and most visible advocate of the anti-vaccination movement.   There is a knowable cost of unimmunized children, in preventable illnesses, and preventable deaths.    As of March 21, it stands at:

Jenny McCarthy Body Count

This is from CDC data compiled by skeptic Derek Bartholomaus.  

Vaccines do not cause autism.  The anti-vaccination movement is responsible in large part for the decline in vaccination rates.   It's only fair that we keep track of the toll this takes.

(h/t Bad Astronomer)


  1. For those thinking these numbers are too high, Derek Bartholomaus writes in the comments to the BA post:

    Thanks to someone from the CDC who has just contacted me I have discovered that I have a *massive undercount* in my vaccine preventable illness numbers. This will entail a lot more math work and I’m not sure if I will be able to finish the update this weekend. It took a couple of months to get the research done initially and now I have to re-calculate all of the previous data.

    Just to be clear, the numbers will be going up. By a lot.


    Jenny McCarthy counts for something - comment

    The pro-disease nut cases are making all sorts of idiotic claims in the comments.

    No research to support their positions, since their claims are not at all based on science.

  2. Nothing infuriates me more than people denying the benefits of vaccinations. They've never seen thousands of children die needlessly from diseases that are easily preventable. Living in South Asia made me very sensitive to the devastation experienced by families losing their children to easily preventable diseases. Try telling those parents that vaccines are bad for children. Stupid people.

  3. This should be posted on her website.

  4. What Jenny McCarthy has done is validate a lie that vaccines are dangerous. Vaccines have saved millions of lives ever since they were created over a 100 years ago. Autism is a disease that has possible genetic components. No body wants to accept their own genes could have caused their child's disease, but what they need to remember is it's not their fault. Otherwise, they lash out at anything that they believe can take that faultless guilt away. Unfortunately, hundreds have now died from these lies and aimless attempts to feel rectified. How sad.


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