08 April 2009

I love Legos

We have pretty much the entire Star Wars collection of lego space ships on the bookshelves in my office -- we call it "the hangar" and, yes they are the kids' toys, but we keep them there so they don't get destroyed and so the baby doesn't get to eat parts scattered on the floors.

I haven't seen this kit for sale, but I want one:

It was built in Japan for a theme park, requiring 65,000 Legos and almost 1,600 man-hours to assemble.

My favorite touch is the illuminated crawler base underneath the shuttle.

(Source: The Bad Astronomer.  Who else?)


  1. Looks great, how big is it? My kids have some of the star wars lego stuff too, and way too much other lego. It's timeless stuff.

  2. Have you been to Legoland in CA?



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