01 March 2009

What is a weekend?

To an ER doc, it's just a day when the kids don't go to school,
When the commute in to work is less busy than usual,
When the mornings are quiet, and the evenings crazier than usual,
When the clinics are closed, and non-acute patients crowd the waiting room,
When everybody else is out doing stuff with their families,
When the drunks roll in earlier and in greater numbers,
When Interventional Radiology has no scheduled cases,
When primary care docs are beyond all reach, and follow-up impossible to coordinate,
And when the lines at the ski lifts are longest.

But I'll be off on Tuesday!


  1. I have a sneaky feeling we nurses can relate.

  2. True! Actually the nurses have a weird thing where they have "weekends" due to a set schedule but the weekends aren't. They're always saying things like "Tuesday is my Saturday."

    My schedule is less predictable, which is actually fine with me.

  3. Sunday mornings in my area are the day the chronic pain pts seem to think are the best time to score.


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