18 March 2009

Obama and Health Care (Inside baseball)

Jonathan Cohn at TNR has a nice piece today about how Obama himself was instrumental in keeping cautious advisors from killing health care reform before it even got off the ground. It's titled, appropriately enough, Stayin' Alive
It was amid these conditions that the debate over the budget got underway. A series of formal and informal discussions unfolded in the White House and outside it, and Obama was not present for all of them. Particularly in Obama's absence, the voices of the skeptics often predominated. "It was scaring the hell out of the rest of us," says one of the advisers who favored more aggressive action.

And health care, in the end, might have gotten pushed aside--except that one very senior official in the administration kept insisting that it stay on the agenda. That official was Obama himself. Repeatedly, the president made clear that he was not abandoning health care reform.
Nothing earth-shaking here, but it's an interesting window into the operations of the White House, and the management style of this President.


  1. Well something needs to be done and at least Obama is trying to make a difference. Unfortunately the whole healthcare situation is bittersweet because the long term economic effects from profits lost to pharmacuetical companies will be enormous

  2. Well at least someone remembered about healthcare....

  3. Cohn's piece is an exercise in jounalistic bootlicking. He knows perfectly well that Obamacare has nothing to do with "reform."

    Expanding already unsustainable programs while ignoring underlying systemic problems doesn't fit any rational definition of the word.

    Obama, with the aid of accomplices in Congress, the "news" media and gullible bloggers, are engaged in fraud on a scale undreamed of by Madoff.


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