31 March 2009

Late night

I liked John Cale's version better, but a song like this is hard to do badly.


  1. One of my favorites. Though that is not the best performance of that song by Rufus Wainwright it isn't horrible.

  2. Thank you, Shadowfax. The song is lovely and I find it both challenging and rewarding to sing at home. I think I like the version from Shrek.

    I'm looking forward to Leonard Cohen's visit next month to your town:


  3. I really like Jeff Buckley's version Love the song.

  4. k.d. lang has a good one:


  5. I vote for John Cale. CBC radio did a segment on the fascination with this song. It made me laugh as I could relate. I'll see if I can find the podcast and send it to you.

  6. This excerpt was the part I could relate to. I remember the first time I heard the John Cale performance - it felt like I had found a hidden treasure. Not knowing that everyone else felt the same way!

    ..."And this particular--and particularly amazing--trick is a big part of why, no matter how it comes to you, "Hallelujah" always manages to seem like a discovery. It can pass through a thousand corporate paws and be marked by them all, arriving at its destination in the form of a TV show or a mass-market major-label CD or a bunch of pop idols. The song is just so strange--so alien, so smart, so densely packed with signifiers--that it doesn't seem possible that it's actually part of mainstream culture, no matter how much mainstream culture embraces it. Clive Davis himself could hand it to you, but this would just seem like evidence of Clive's human side rather than another slime-dripping part of the corrupt music industry."


    The CBC radio show about this song can be found on you tube:


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