26 March 2009

I hate spam

Got hit with a major comment spam assault today.   Over a two-hour period, I got over a hundred "comments" full of links for chinese-language pages.   Weird.  And they weren't, as far I could tell for WoW gold, viagra, or even porn (which at least is a sort of universal language).   I think I cleaned them all out, but if you see any still there, let me know.   It was a major PIA.   If this happens again, I may have to look at better spamkiller apps.   Anyone know of ones that work for blogger?


HelloKit said...

I had it in my head that Typepad Antispam was available for Blogger, but apparently I was mistaken. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

By the way, new reader here. Hi!

WhiteCoat said...

Akismet kicks ass.
I think that would mean you have to switch to WordPress, though.
Not necessarily a bad thing ...