04 March 2009

I got nothin'

But the interwebs tell me that Obama has some sort of health care thingy tomorrow (on CSPAN even!) during which he will articulate the following general principles for health care reform:
• Guarantee choice of health plans and physicians;
• Making health coverage affordable;
• Protecting families’ financial health;
• Investing in prevention and wellness;
• Providing portability of coverage;
• Aiming for universality;
• Improving patient safety and quality care; and
• Maintaining long-term fiscal sustainability.
The verbiage there makes me worry: "Aiming" for universality?   Dammit, Barack, this is no time for incrementalism!   Go for the gusto, or at least stake out your territory early in the negotiations.  Sheesh.

Also concerning was the absence of a public plan option in Obama's budgetary framework.  Howard Dean argues that a public insurance option is essential to the health reform effort.  I recall that this was still a point of contention in the Workhorse Group, so that may be why it is missing.  Let's just hope that Obama isn't backing off universality and the public option before the discussions begin in earnest.

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  1. The verbiage makes me worry too:

    "Guarantee choice of health plans and physicians" sounds like mandated acceptance of crappy government reimbursement.

    If that ever happens, America will have been destroyed from within.


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