12 March 2009

The Home Stretch

Well, with just over 24 hours to go before the shaving, I've raised over $7,000. I set an ambitious goal in this challenging economy, and have made it over 70% of the way there. I'm pretty happy with the results so far, bearing in mind that a significant fraction of donations come in after the event (and all the way till the end of the year). I may yet hit the goal.

For all of you who have given: I thank you, and look to see pics of my gleaming scalp soon. For those of you who have considered doing so, thank you for your consideration and indulgence.

This is a tremendously important cause, and even small donations are helpful. So please consider making a donation -- and there are collateral benefits. I was talking with our family priest and he told me that as a matter of doctrine, all donors to St Baldrick's go directly to Heaven, completely bypassing purgatory.* So you got that going for you, which is nice.

Click here to Donate

*Not Really.


  1. "our family priest"... hahaha! Good one!

  2. Good on you. A friend died his hair pink (then shaved it all immediately I think). And tried to burn all photographic evidence.

  3. Sweet! My eye doctor already told me that the amount of pain I had during one procedure would shorten my time in pergatory, so I am all set now.


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