31 March 2009

Award Fatigue

Thomson Reuters Announces 100 Top Hospitals Award Winners | Thomson Healthcare
The Thomson Reuters 100 Top Hospitals®: National Benchmarks study is based on the 100 Top Hospitals National Balanced Scorecard that evaluates performance in nine areas: mortality, medical complications, patient safety, average length of stay, expenses, profitability, cash-to-debt ratio, patient satisfaction, and adherence to clinical standards of care.
Our facility is on the list for, I think, the fifth year running -- this year we were the only hospital in our state so recognized.   It's natural after a while to stop paying attention to this sort of thing, but it really is a big deal.    It's not the end-all and be-all of hospital quality, but it shows that our leadership, our processes, and our caregivers are doing great work.   (I will take personal credit, of course.)  

Seriously, I am very proud of our institution.   From the OR to the ICU to the ER, we've accomplished some incredible things, and in an environment where financial resources are scarce.   To the (very) limited degree that I had anything to do with it, I'm pleased.  Mostly, I'm lucky to be affiliated with such a highly functional group of people.


  1. How much money did your hospital pay to be included/promoted like this? Seriously, most of these awards are revenue-generating shams. 3/3 of our local hospitals "win" "top-blah blah" awards from time to time.

  2. I followed the $. You pay TRI, a publicly-traded for profit company located on Times Square in NYC. They look like an interesting investment for the 4.4% dividend, PE=17%, receivables and operating income cont. to grow steadily over the past 5 years.

  3. And your CEO was out shoveling the snow...it doesn't seem like a coincidence to me.


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