28 January 2009


My little blog cracked 400,000 visits this week. Small potatoes in the world of the blogosphere, but still noteworthy. (I'm up to a "Flappy bird" in the TTLB Ecosystem, which I still think is by far the cutest way to stratify the blogosphere.) I also just passed my third anniversary blogging, 830 posts in all or what Andrew Sullivan would call, "a busy week." I don't put a lot of stock in anniversaries (as evidenced by the fact that I let that one fly past), but it's quite a while in blog-time.

I'd like to extend a real thanks to all the folks who have dropped by to read this blog, both those who enjoy my writing and opinions, as well as those who come by to disagree, and those of you who read via Google Reader or some other RSS service. I really appreciate your time, your feedback and your opinions. As Ezra Klein frequently says, "My commenters are smarter than me." Thanks for taking the time and effort to come here.


  1. Ezra is right. Congratulations. :)

  2. Bravo! I enjoy reading all of your posts, the medificationalizing and the politicalisming ones alike.

    Mostly, however, I love the word verification codes I get here.

    Today's: sniper

    P.S. Ezra is a dear, and I consider him a friend, but I gotta say, there are some days during he can't spell his way out of a paper bag. Yglesias is worse, though--someone has started a blog the sole content of which consists of Yglesias' unintentionally funny typos and grammar gaffes.

  3. (some days during which...Pedant, heal thyself. *sigh*)

    And yet another good word: clake.


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