28 January 2009

How to mess with a hospitalist

Me: I've got this lady who needs to be admitted for [something uninteresting].   She looks OK, but her blood sugar is 450.
Hospitalist: That sounds fine.  Put her on the floor.
Me: It'll be a while.  You want me to give her some insulin in the meantime to get her blood sugar under control?
Hospitalist: Sure.  What type of insulin does she usually take?
Me: There are different types of insulin?

Long silence.

Hospitalist:   Yeeees. 
Me: Oh really?  Damn, that's a new one.
Hospitalist:   You are kidding, right?
Me: Not as far as you know.


Perky Skeptic said...

You are a bad, bad man. :)

I nearly "Oh, by the way, will this interact with my coumadin?" 'd my new internist, but I didn't want him to fire me as a patient after only one appointment, LOL!

dm said...

Haha, *classic* :)

Maha said...

Oh that's brilliant! I'm going to have to try that with one of the charge nurses who is particularly high strung!

drsam said...

Hopefully this conversation occurred at about 3 am.

ERP said...

That is great. I have no friggin' clue how to use anything except regular!

Strong One said...

Thanks for the laugh. That would have been a good one.