05 December 2008

What's on your iPod?

I've got a slightly longer commute than I used to, and I've been getting slowly addicted to podcasts. I can't stand any radio with commercials or call-ins, and NPR has way too many shows about gardening or forgotten 1930s jazz icons to sustain my interest. Lately I've been listening to and enjoying, in no particular order:

Car Talk
Rachel Maddow (MSNBC)
Countdown with Keith Olbermann
The Mac Observer's Mac Geek Gab
The Mac Cast
The Onion Radio
Grammar Girl
The Skeptic's Guide 5x5

So what're you listening to these days?


  1. What? Keith Olbermann without the facial expressions and paper theatrics? What fun is that?

    I haven't seen my iPod in awhile. Noise annoys me.

  2. I know everybody recommends it but I still love This American Life. My commute just flies by.

    But my very very favorite is WNYC's Radiolab. Those guys are just awesome.

  3. I feel like I actually have to comment on this one.

    My list of favorites:
    This American Life
    The Sound of Young America

    You Look Nice Today
    Never Not Funny
    The Bugle
    Jordan, Jesse GO!

  4. You might enjoy "wait wait, don't tell me!" I know I get hours of amusement out of that show...very funny.

  5. Point of Inquiry

  6. Here's my current list:
    Surgery ICU Rounds
    This Week in Tech
    Bill Maher's HBO show

    lately I've started doing a Pharm and Pathophyis refresh through iTunes U.

    But nothing gets me through like good music. As the saying goes, it soothes the savage beast!

  7. Wait, Wait don't tell me from NPR (they post the mp3 of Saturday's show on Sunday evening, and then replace it)

    Science Friday from NPR

    Science American podcasts, there is a 60 second science everyday, plus a 22 min. longer bit each week

    Are We Alone, radio.seti.org (very interesting and sometimes very funny, the wormhole episode had a skit with Seth Shostak talking to a worm with a German accent, I just discovered them so I am catching up on the 4 years worth of podcasts)

    I also download audio books from the library.

  8. EM:RAP
    UIowa EM Lecture Series

  9. I would like to second UnknownQ with The Bugle: an audio newspaper for a visual world.

  10. I've lost my interest in Wait, wait, don't tell me. (Sorry, other comment writers.) But hey -- episode #365 of This American Life
    finally helped me get a clue what the big problem is. Thank you Ira Glass.

  11. EMRAP - Free from the EMRA
    Audiobooks - Audible.com has a lovely large selection cheaper than iTunes

  12. I subscribed to the TED conference podcasts via iTunes. There are tons of short (about 20 min) talks by experts in various fields. I've liked about 80% of them. A few talks are very visual, but the vast majority work fine just by listening. You can find out about the conference at ted.com. If you like the Skeptics Guide, you might also enjoy Skeptoid.

  13. RugbyGirlMD said "Audiobooks - Audible.com has a lovely large selection cheaper than iTunes"

    The public library has downloadable audio books even cheaper: Free, with a valid library card.

    Of course, you only have three weeks to listen, but I usually do not find that a problem.

    gingerale said; "I've lost my interest in Wait, wait, don't tell me. (Sorry, other comment writers.)"

    No problem, I just discovered them about three months ago. Maybe I'll get tired of them in a while. We shall see.

  14. Astronomy Cast! It's an introduction to the wonders of the universe-- what we know, and HOW we know what we know! Carl Sagan would be so proud! :)

  15. The public library software is incompatible with Macs.
    More's the pity.

  16. The Planet Money Podcast, loosely connected w/This american Life's show about the economic crisis. Along w/the blog, it's been very helpful in making sense of all the jargon and pith. Plus, it's always very entertaining!

  17. RugbyGirlMD said "The public library software is incompatible with Macs."

    That is changing: "The public library software is incompatible with Macs."

    You can also bug your library to not let Mac users participate.

  18. Oops... forgot to change my buffer... I needed to include this link:

    "Mac Software Introduced for Audiobook Downloads from Public Libraries"

    (also, never post on blogs after two glasses of wine)

  19. SuperBadJack12/12/2008 8:40 AM

    Rush Limbaugh
    Mark Levin
    Schnitt Show (very funny)

    Loud Angry Music.

  20. Audible.com books for the long flights on the interview trail... I just listened to Barack Obama read both of his books which was great, because not only is his writing good but he is an excellent speaker of the written word which made for good listening. Makes the air miles fly by... so to speak.


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