30 December 2008

This song is not a rebel song

Back when they were great.


  1. I saw U 2 - when they had just started out.

    They were krap then

    And are krap now

    Nothing changes

  2. If only I had listen to M. Pineapples, I could have been saved from enjoying U2 in their early years.

  3. But Rog Menic - listen - Mr P makes the jokes - the rest of you just obey.

    Seriously bro.

    Mr P was at one of their early "gigs" (Gawd - how I hate that stupid bloody word) - and I was bored. Honest-ta-Gawd - it was like a force guided tour around your own living room.

    And - the buggers have gone down hill since then.

    Learn from The P.

    P.s. what is a roge menic anyway?

  4. And another thing:

    Your favourite books and films are all rather high-brow...for a Yank....

    I mean

    Dont you folks in the States only like:

    Rocky and John Grisham.

    Any one would think you were a Brit

  5. That was just what I needed.

  6. Mr. Pineapples,

    I agree that they have gone down hill.

    A rogue medic?

    Well a paramedic is where the medic comes from.

    A rogue is one who does not accept the conventional way of doing things. Something I suspect you are familiar with.

    A lot of American culture has been imported from Britain, but it usually does not work as well, when Americanized. Although we have done a nice job of stealing Hugh Laurie. :-)

    We do seem to be improving at developing flavorful ales. Samuel Smith's is not that easy to come by, and since it is imported, the price is a bit more than I'd like to part with. My current favorite is from Stone Brewing Company. If only a few more pubs could carry bitters.

  7. Well.....blow me down.

    Here I am - trying to goad you into an outraged response - and here you are - coming back at me with wit and charm .

    My Gawd....what is going on?

    Do you have pubs in America? I hear that they only serve ice cold fizzy pop in the States. We have a very nice pub in my village (built in 1682) and serves beer....

    Now come on Rogue - American humour can be good - remember Sergeant Bilco?

    Bleedin' Brilliant

    And what about George Bush?


    You do have great comedians

  8. Mr. Pineapples,

    I must apologize. My outrage is in the shop for repairs.

    I do think that the unintentional humor from George Bush was often better than the intentional humor of Tony Blair. American politicians might learn a bit from watching sessions of Parliament.

    We may be due for some excellent unintentional humor from the incoming Vice President.

    Sgt. Bilko was not a show that I watched, although I enjoyed Phil Silvers in other shows.

    Pubs do exist in America. If you are ever in San Francisco, a great one is Mad Dog in the Fog. Across the street is an American bar (Toronado,) that serves similar beverages at a similar temperature (we're not all savages, here), but avoids the British pub food. Pub food is something I have never understood, but I figured that it had something to do with consuming large quantities of alcohol. I have long felt that the pub food may have had more to do with our little squabble in 1776, than taxation. Of course, it's just speculation.

    I'm on the other side of the country, now and have not found a suitable watering hole. They do exist, but I seem to have changed my drinking habits with age. I prefer to stay home with family.

  9. This reminds me of something I've been meaning to ask you, ShadowFax. Given your hobby of Irish fiddle, what pubs would you recommend for live Irish traditional music in the Seattle area? For example, would you share your impressions of Galway Arms?

    (It's reels we're after, but if we were listening to songs it'd be Christy Moore before it was the Clancy Brothers, bless their hearts.)

    Thank you.


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