21 December 2008


Oh my this is fun (crazy, but fun). Seriously, we've had more snow than I can recall in my adult life. Eight inches in the last 24 hours, on top of what we've gotten the last few days. The kids are having a blast sledding, and I went sledding to work, sliding all over the freeway in a six thousand pound sled. (Sleds, as you may recall, have primitive steering and no brakes. That was consistent with my commute.)

Is it too much to ask that in the worst winter storm of the last decade, that people only come to the ER if they are actually sick? It was a busy shift, 24 patients in 8 hours, and maybe three of those people needed the ER. WTF? You came out in these conditions for the abdominal pain you've had for three months? A wound check? Seriously?

And still more on the way. Woo hoo!


  1. bring it on!

  2. 8 inches in 24 hours? that's nothing.

    i'm always shocked by what people come in for during a snowstorm. back pain for three years? that couldn't have waited until tomorrow morning?

    i've stopped asking the question, "what changed TONIGHT that made you come to the ER?" i've come to the realization that there is no answer they can give that will satisfy me.

  3. While I always want to make fun of people for enjoying snow (I live in Southern Ontario, so it's not exactly news here), I'm glad that you guys are having so much fun with it!

    We live in Southern Ontario so snow storms aren't really that uncommon- it seems to me that a lot of people hit the ER then just because they think that for some reason it will be slow. That's usually wrong, in my experience, as no matter how many times a year it snows here, people often forget how to drive in it.

  4. I live in Buffalo, so snow is no biggie. Although we have had quite a few storms in the last week.
    However is is really cold. The sun is shining in my eyes, but it is only 14 F out.

    We have lots of plows...and we use salt (sometimes sand) on our roads. Trying to drive when there is a foot of unplowed snow sucks, no matter where you live.

  5. To be fair, some of the patients who could have, and hopefully would have, gone to a walk-in clinic were not able to do so due to closures. Unfortunately, my friend and I were in this position Saturday as the Redmond and Woodinville clinics were both closed. Had she not been suffering from left arm pain due to an unknown cause, we may have waited, but better safe then sorry. Luckily, it wasn’t serious.

  6. LOL Doc! If I were in the sunbelt, I might go to the ER because I thought it wouldn't be crowded.

    Now, 8 inches of snow.... not a big storm. We had over 2 feet in 48 hours. However, we have the infrastructure to deal with it. I can't imagine letting 8 inches of snow really influence travel plans. If I were back in the Bay Area in California, an inch would keep me locked up in my house though! LOL


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