16 December 2008


Just for the record, I have to agree with Dr Rob that the anti-primary care screed over at Emergency Medicine News is, well, it's just embarrassing. I've put out my fair share of poorly-thought-out or inflammatory posts, so I can sympathize. But Dr. Glauser is not just wrong, he's cringe-inducing in his ranting. As they say on the interwebs: Epic Fail.

Rob makes a couple of nice observations:

  • There are some really angry doctors out there. Any time people are fighting over their share of money, you see their worst.
  • There are many physicians out there who don’t respect primary care. They seem to think that we do our job because we couldn’t get into “better” specialties.
  • Emergency Medicine News should edit more carefully.

Hear, hear.


  1. I knew I could count on you and Grunt doc (and probably the other ER bloggers). Thanks.

  2. god, that is embarrassing. what a moron.

  3. I've worked with MD's for 35 years. Like all professions, some are good, some-meh. This is true of all professions. Everyone is entitled to a good rant on occasion, and I bet this guy must be truly embarrassed after his written tantrum. Thanks, Shadowfax.

  4. Money quote from Dr. Glauser:
    "If I were really cynical, which of course I am not"

    Could've fooled me!

    If there is a hidden truth in what he is ranting about, I think it is the lack of a progressive acute care system within primary care. By this I mean that most PMDs are overwhelmed with having to see patients in a very time-limited fashion. Any illness that would require an extensive eval or treatment can completely throw the schedule out of whack. Most of these patients don't need an ER visit of 4-9 hours to manage their acute illness, but it is increasingly hard for PMDs to be able to manage these issues within the framework of their offices' setup. Dr. Glauser goes far beyond noting this issue and personally attacking PMDs as a group, which I consider unprofessional, unproductive, and unnecessary in a public forum.

  5. As a fellow EP I was sorely disappointed and frankly embarrassed by this article. EP's are constantly working with physicians in other disciplines; it is hard to believe that a physician with such contempt for his colleagues could provide quality care. The medical establishment is indeed strained, and we are all pressed for time and resources; that is no excuse for disrespectful behavior. Dr. Glauser and his editor should be ashamed. And perhaps they should walk a mile in a primary care provider's shoes before belittling them so freely.

  6. ick.

    as an ER doc, i found that one embarrassing.

    on the plus side, it reinforced my decision to stop reading EMN. guess i'll stick with sports illustrated.


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