04 December 2008

iPod vending machine

At the car rental terminal, Dallas-Fort Worth airport. Yeah, it does
sell iPods.



  1. assuming someone was desperate enough to actually purchase an ipod from said vending machine, i can only imagine the wrath the machine would incur if it were to do a classic "attempt to dispense product but product doesn't quite fall out" ...

    think they'd call the TSA in?

  2. You just wish you were cool enough to live in DFW.

    I saw that (there's one inside security, I think Terminal A), and think I'd be PO'd if I got one and the battery was dead.

    This is Guilty parent bait, essentially.


  3. Does it sell Apple Care too?

  4. I see these machines all the time in the Macys (here in the Seattle area). I've never seen them used but they sure look cool.

  5. I've seen these machines a lot in airports. I want to say Atlanta has them, and I fly through Atlanta a lot. What I don't get is that it's presumably geared at people who are in a lay over, was bored on their previous flight, and wants desperately to be like their neighbor, blissfully tuned out with the white ear buds.

    But, it's not like the iPod comes with anything on it. So you can enjoy playing brick on your ipod and stroking it's shiny silver back, and that's about it, on your next flight.

  6. I saw one in Ohare, I think. Except it was all electronics- Ipod, camera, video cam, etc...

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