01 October 2008

Trainwreck (now with video)

Here it is:

Enjoy! (If you can suppress the cringe reflex.)

Ha! Fun bonus gaffe -- she says she does believe in a constitutional right to privacy, but apparently was unaware that this was the foundation to Roe. Funny stuff.


  1. Is she wearing a Canadian flag on her chest?

  2. I had to stop. I just can't stop that cringe reflex you spoke of.

    Please, please, America. Just say no to stupid.

  3. Hey anonymous... get a clue. She is wearing a blue star pin to show that she has a child involved in the war.


  4. You can have McCain/Palin or Obama, who goes to a pastor that says "Not God BLESS America, God DAMN America." You will notice that only AFTER the media got wind of this particular sermon, did Obama separate himself from the good pastor.

    Obama also does not cover his heart during plege of allegiance, nor say the pledge. The American flag represents the ideals that America stands for, and the laws and regulations are the implementations of these ideals. Though I disagree with some regulations, I still respect the ideals, and place my hand over my heart and say the pledge.

  5. As opposed to Palin's minister, who believes in witches?

  6. This is depressing in so many ways. THIS is the woman who thinks she could run our country if need be?

  7. ^^^using your logic (which I think is broken, but I'll just go with it here):
    *Palin can't remember or understand any of the decisions made in the history of the Supreme Court.
    *These decisions are implementations of the ideals America stands for.
    *So...wouldn't that show Palin has no understanding of the ideals of this country?

  8. What it really shows is Palin can answer questions like a beauty pageant contestant. No substance. I'm surprised she didn't say, "All I want is world peace."

  9. I agree with anonymous above...
    She reminded me of the beauty pageant contestant a few months ago, answering a geography question!!

  10. "What it really shows is Palin can answer questions like a beauty pageant contestant. No substance. I'm surprised she didn't say, "All I want is world peace.""


    YEAH, that is a whole lot better

  11. There's a huge difference between campaign slogans and rhetoric, so your comparison is absurd.

    Obama and Biden answer questions intelligently from an obvious fund of knowledge; Palin only sounds intelligent when she's been coached and has a script to follow.

    Big difference.

  12. I'm not a Palin supported, but, in fairness, what non-lawyer has read Roe v. Wade? what non-lawyer reads any Supreme Court decision? how many lawyers regularly read Supreme Court decisions?

    It took me a second, but my answer to "Can you name a Supreme Court decision you disagree with," is: how about Bush v. Gore? How many of you have actually read it? ("It" means the majority opinion.) Think Katie Couric has read it?

    PS: I love this blog.

  13. She didn't ask if she'd read them; she asked what other cases she was familiar with, or something to that effect.

    She should have been familiar with the Exxon Valdese case, considering it involved her state and she discussed it in the press not too long ago.

    But off the top of my head: Brown v. Board of Ed, Dred Scott v. Sandford, Plessy v. Ferguson, US v. Nixon (limiting the power of office), UC Davis v. Bakke.

    Okay, short list, but I'm not a candidate for VP.

  14. Biden's "obvious fund of knowledge" serves him well to lecture Palin with great specificity on the Constitution as pertains to the job he wants. Too bad he a) cited the wrong article (but he was specific!) and b) doesn't understand the congressional role of VP.

    But he still wants the job.


  15. regular ol' citizen10/06/2008 1:42 AM

    Regarding whether anybody reads Court decisions -- I'm not a lawyer or anything but I read most of Bush v. Gore. I agreed with Souther's minority opinion, which said that the US Supreme Court shouldn't've decided the election; instead it should've sent the problem back to Florida.

    But anon@1:54pm is right; Couric didn't ask what Palin had actually read.


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