07 October 2008

More on healthcare as a right

The inestimable Maggie Mahar over at Health Beat picked up on my earlier post, titled "Health care is not a right." She takes my humble post as a jumping-off point and expands on it quite a bit. Also, she flatters me terribly: Anyone who says that words are meaningful has captured my attention. I’m enthralled.

Enthralled! You hear that? I'm practically giddy.

It almost makes up for the attention she lavishes on that horrible shyster, JimII. But he didn't enthrall her, did he? I did.

Anyway, go read it. I can't recall ever seeing such a close examination of my writing without the use of the words "moronic," "half-witted," or "repellent," so I'm pretty happy just now. Her commentary makes me seem cleverer than I actually am, by way of her own insights refining some of my more clumsy points.



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  1. It's so fun to read people quoting me. Does it make it any better that I recognize how vain I am? No? Oh well.


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